In her Cincinnati, Ohio studio, Rebecca Weller layers stained patterns with lavishly painted opaque brushwork resulting in a language of texture that is all her own. Her exploration with paint techniques began during her education at the Art Academy Of Cincinnati almost 20 years ago, and continues with ever increasing wonder.

In her most recent series, “Flights of Fancy”, she explores further the layering of printed floral patterns that create a narrative for the richly painted birds in the foreground. Using hand designed and crafted screens, along with the rendering process; she creates a lavishly painted portrait of each bird. The result is an image that seems to be bursting with life and meaning. 

She recently completed a series of whimsical “Cake Portraits” in order to explore deeper nuances of color, while focusing on a subject matter that celebrates the childhood daydreams of decadent sweet treats in all of us. A collection of these pieces has been purchased for resale exclusively through Anthropologie.